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Spotlight on Tim Lautzenheiser

You Gotta Have H.e.a.r.t.

The seed of this article came from a student who was asked to write a paper about her most influential teacher. She had to describe what separated this particularly educator from all those who had been a part of her school experiences. The last line of the paper succinctly and beautifully put everything into perspective with this sentence, “Above all, Mrs. Taylor had a good heart; that’s what made her so special.”It has been said, We will all have two or three great teachers in our lives.” For many of us,…
September 18, 2015 0 shares

Tim Lautzenheiser

Vice-President, Division of Education, Conn-Selmer, Inc.

Tim Lautzenheiser is a widely-recognized voice advocating the importance of music education for every child. Over the last three decades, countless students have experienced one of his popular…

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